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Jersey running trails and events

Enthusiastic runners will love discovering Jersey’s paths and trails. With a milder climate than the UK and spectacular scenery, the coastline paths can be quite a challenge whereas the inland roads and lanes provide a great platform for the speed obsessed. With plenty of Jersey running trails and events taking place on the island during the year, there should be something for anyone with an inclination to donning their trainers.

Hare and Tortoise Events in Jersey

Having had a big part in some of the running organisations already on the island, Digby Ellis-Brecknell has launched his new venture, Hare and Tortoise Events. Aiming to bring together the best running events, trails and running fun available in Jersey and the surrounding islands, Digby hopes to provide events and advice to everyone whether they have a small interest in personal fitness to seriously competitive runners.

The Events

Whatever you wish to gain from running there will definitely be an event to suit. From trails encompassing swimming, paddle boarding, archery or other sports challenges, to marathons and triathlons, there is plenty going on:

  • Round the Rock Ultra – based in Jersey with a super early start, run as a relay team, run to challenge yourself or try and beat the 6 hour mark on this 48 mile circuit of the island.
  • Guernsey Ultra – similar top jersey but with 36 miles of beautiful and challenging Guernsey coastal paths starting from Saint Peter Port before rounding up with a gentler finish.
  • Double Islands Ultra – as you may have guessed, Jersey’s 48 miles followed by 36 in Guernsey.
  • 5 Islands Ultra – Starting on Jersey and following on with Guernsey, Alderney, Sark and Herm in 100 miles of running! This is a really popular event and early booking is advised as numbers are limited. Travel, food, accommodation and a masseur are included.
  • Titanium Man Triathlon – a Jersey based event encompassing swimming, cycling and running. The event can be entered as a solo competitor or in teams of 2 or 3. Winning prizes at the end with all entrants receiving goody bags and medals.

Are you a Hare or a Tortoise!?!

To illustrate the thought behind his concept, Digby has chosen the old fable of the Hare and Tortoise. In the story we learn of the eager and ever so slightly conceited Hare challenging the slow and steady Tortoise to a running race, believing he will win hands down. The pair set off in the midday sun only for Hare to take a nap believing he has the time as Tortoise will be so slow. Tortoise in the meantime plods on, content with challenging himself and viewing the lovely scenery as he goes. Hare awakes to find he has overslept and Tortoise has won, leaving the reader with the moral slow and steady wins the race.

Believing there is more than two types of running personality, Digby has decided to add to the original children’s classic. In his second chapter, the defeated Hare decides he needs to challenge Tortoise again and prove his might. Thinking about the cause of his downfall, Hare decides setting off in the midday sun was his problem and challenges Tortoise to a morning start, perhaps a little unfairly as Tortoise is a cold blooded animal and the heat of the day would help him. Hare does win this race, giving us a second moral fast and consistent always beats slow and steady.

However, not content with one win each, Hare wants an all out victory and re-challenges Tortoise. Tortoise decides on this occasion he will play to his own strengths and suggests a different route. Hare readily agrees without realising a swim will be involved and being a non-swimming animal, he watches as Tortoise wins once again. The moral of this tale being identify your core strengths and change the playing field to suit ensure success.

The story doesn’t end there though. Taking time to recover from his wounded pride, time sees both animals chatting about their love of the sport and eventually decide working together is the best way for great all round fun. The race begins again, complete with a swim but this time Tortoise carries Hare across whilst Hare gives Tortoise a piggy back to gain speed on land. After all individually we can succeed but working together in partnership to make best use of our our skills will ensure success.

Accommodation, travel and event resources

For more details about Hare and Tortoise Events or for individual advice and training contact Digby Ellis-Brecknell on Tel: 07797768480 or email him at:

Digby also co-ordinates running activities with Run Jersey who provide running opportunities throughout the summer months, especially suitable for holiday makers.

Please see our News & Events for specific event dates for this year. With our online booking system you can check for accommodation and date availability.