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Jersey’s Ghost tales and Folk lore

La Mare au Seigneur (St Ouenís Pond)Good day to you reader. As it’s fast approaching Halloween I thought that I would share with you a few tales of terror from Jersey’s past. Many who have heard these stories swear blind they have witnessed or experienced these paranormal encounters.

The Water Works Valley Bride

In the Water Works Valley in St Lawrence Jersey there is a sad story of a bride to be who went to church for her wedding, but her groom was nowhere to be seen. She was so distraught her beloved never appeared that she ran home and took her own life. It is said that once a year at midnight the sound of bells chime through the air and a horse drawn carriage pulled by a phantom horseman rides through Water Works Valley. The Passenger is in a full bridal gown but under her veil is no face but a skull. It is said that she roams the roads still looking for her unruly fiancé.

The Hero Horse of the de Carteret Family

Phillipe De Carteret was the Seigneur of St Ouen during the ‘War of the Roses’. De Carteret saw that the French position had weakened and began to oppose them actively so the French were quite keen to capture him. Legend has it the French found an opportunity one day when he went fishing at St Ouen’s Pond. The French soldiers crept along to capture him but Sir Philip saw them and leapt on his black horse. He raced towards his manor but the soldiers cut him off and he was forced to head for Le Val de la Charrière, where his route was blocked by a sunken road 22 feet (6.7 m) wide. Spurring on his mount, his horse jumpedFresian horse close up the gulf and galloped on towards the Manor. It is said that once he reached home and was safe, his faithful horse collapsed and died. Philip ordered for his horse to be buried in his garden. It is said that a large black horse is still seen galloping around St Ouens Manor protecting the family from invaders.

Geoffrey’s leap

No one really knows who Geoffrey was but he had committed a heinous crime. So much so, his punishment was death by being thrown off the rock face at Anne Port. A large crowd came to witness the execution, as was tradition back then. Geoffrey and the executioner stepped to the edge of the cliff where then the executioner shunted Geoffrey off of the edge and into the sea. A little while after he hit the sea he was seen swimming back to shore and escorted back to the cliff edge. The crowd was so shocked that the sea and the drop did not kill him that they split in to two groups; those who thought he had paid his debt and should be let free and those that thought that he should be pushed again! The two crowds were bickering and arguing over what to do for so long that Geoffrey took the decision by himself and leapt from the cliff face once more. This time however he was not so lucky as he struck a rock and died. The Ghost of a shadowy man is still said to be lurking on the cliff face and still leaping from the rock. Some say it’s to prove once more that he can survive the fall and some say as a otherworldly punishment he has to relive that experience again and again. 

Pinnacle Rock

These are a few of many ghost stories of our little island but if you also fancy a another tale of terror may I also recommend you watch ‘The Others’ with Nicole Kidman which is a fictional horror film based in Jersey just after World War 2. Fantastic story and cast which is well worth a watch.

We hope you all have a great and frightful Halloween whether you’re on the island or not. Till next time reader, Happy Halloween!


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Posted by Christina

Christina's early memories include boarding a plane to visit Kuwait at the age of two and taking big family holidays in Scotland, Cornwall and France. After enjoying time teaching in London and Holland and marrying into a family spread from Ireland to the Channel Islands and America, it is no surprise that along with husband Julian they trekked around the world when three of their five children were small. Christina now runs the family company and writes and helps with the Travelsmith web and social media sites. Email: